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THE FREE MAN – Beyond Fear Lies Freedom

THE FREE MAN – Beyond Fear Lies Freedom

Posted by Xtremego

We are beyond excited to see the release of the trailer for The Free Man – an extreme sports film directed by Toa Fraser (Dean Spanley, Giselle) who brings a breathtakingly cinematic sensibility and narrative construction to the world of extreme sports.

THE FREE MAN is as beautiful a film as it is a thrilling one. Shot in New Zealand and France, the film offers a rare insight into the story of men who push themselves to the point of no return; men who quite literally stare into the abyss and who embrace the fact that any moment at the top of a peak or on the face of a cliff could be their last.

Freedom is defined as the power of self-determination attributed to the will; the quality of being independent of fate or necessity, as Olympic freestyle skier Jossi Wells learns when he partners with The Flying Frenchies for the adventure of a lifetime in breathtaking documentary THE FREE MAN, available digitally from April 10th and on DVD from April 24th.

View the full The Free Man trailer.